Elit Implant,

Aims at performing the production and sales of medical implants by ensuring the satisfaction of its customers in the best interest of all of its stakeholders and through improvement.

In orderto achieve this goal, it commits to;

  • Establish a quality management system that it will continuosuly improve its effectiveness and conduct its processes in accordance with the requirements of this system,
  • Supply cost effective products to its customers at the required quality, quantity and time,
  • Plan and implement the actions to prevent the occurence of the problems and the recurrence of those already occured,
  • Fulfill the requirements of national and international legislations and regulations in all of its processes.

It specifies the quality targets to measure and follow the compliance to the commitments at each part and level of the organization.

Reviews the status in accordance with the targets.

Uses the results of the review in the identification and planning of the measures in order to ensure the compliance to the requirements and / or in the direction of continuous improvement.

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